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Green Mysore Silk

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Green Mysore Silk. 20-year-old.

Rituvu: Mumbai’s Sharad (autumn).

"Saris are beautiful. But given my work, I wear them very little. But yes, recycling them should be good. This silk sari is single-coloured, minimal and I love how it falls. And love the fully slow-stitched white kaftan with scrap flowers, too." – Farzeen Shroff

Handstitched kaftan with flower decoration neckline scrap
Slow-stitched kaftan with Origami flower decoration from neckline scrap

Reiki Grand Master. Artist. Animal-lover.

Her spotless house houses whites without fear. The words ‘divine’ and ‘light’ defines its aesthetic. This “light worker” works with “white light” to “heal souls”. Almost always dressed in lights and whites, and comfortable silhouettes—be it an asymmetric balloon dress or a tunic top or a tee—she conducts her Reiki workshops and grips her attendees. She says, “I like saris. Own a few Parsi ones. They are ornate. Otherwise I love simple clothes (sometimes Bohemian). They make me happy. It could be a skirt from Janpath (fashion street in New Delhi) for all I care! My style rules are: I do not like chiffon and synthetic, do not shop online, and I do not buy anything new without clearing something old out of my wardrobe. I believe if your wardrobe is clutter-free, your mind will be too.” Art and animals thrill her. Probably that is the reason she handcrafts quirky neckpieces out of fabric scrap and junk, and mothers a lovely off-white dog. “You should see how quietly she (pointing to her pet) sits inside while I have twenty people buzzing outside,” she says proudly.

Low-crotch pants with Origami flowers (sari fall waste)
Low-crotch pants with Origami flowers (sari fall waste)

A-line skirt with handstitched Origami bird base deco (sari fall waste)
A-line skirt with handstitched Origami bird base deco (sari fall waste)

"They (RE garments) go well with my own clothes, don’t they? The folded flowers are lovely and make me feel good! Love the way they peep out from under the pants. Wish I could make them, too. And this kaftan is so comfortable—perfect for Mumbai’s summer or spring." – Farzeen Shroff
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