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Phulkari Pink Silk

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Phulkari Pink Silk

50 years old. Gurgaon’s Hemanta Ritu (pre-winter).

"This sari was embroidered by my grandmother. I have no idea how long it took her to make it. It is intricate and repetitive, and holds a lot of memories. Although it is pretty, I never wore it. Felt it was out of fashion." -- Savita Khurana

Reversible asymmetric jacket with samoolam crochet trims

Mother. Healer. Artist.

Her pace and intonation of speech calms your mind, while her warm smile and moist eyes (with crows’ feet) make you feel ‘listened’. She, master in garment manufacturing and retail, is a mother of two with a deep love for alternative healing therapies. “To find myself and help others I studied healing and started painting, too. Both get my creativity out.” Her second love is fashion. “I should have studied garment design!” she says. Her collection of Boho-chic neckpieces, over-100 saris, and ‘juda’ (hair bun) sticks is proof enough. “I like hoarding more than wearing them, though,” she confesses. Nevertheless, on easy days, you will find her cocooned in eclectic and flowy silhouettes (say, peasant top and flared skirt) with oodles of print or texture, worn with a jhola bag and Kolhapuris, casually styled top knot with a hair stick, pencil or paintbrush tucked in. She loves cotton and linen saris, and keeps her stash of silks, chiffons and georgettes, and gorgeous jewels only for family events.

Revived Phulkari sari borders for a black organza silk version

Patchworked sari with Samoolam crochet beads

"I love the way the embroidery looks now against black and the jacket can be reversed. I can wear them before winter and throughout the year, too." -- Savita Khurana
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