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Indigo Blue-White Cotton

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Indigo Blue-White Cotton

Five years old. Gurgaon’s Hemanta Ritu (pre-winter).

"Oh! I love how this cotton indigo looks with its half-and-half colour combo. I love upcyling saris, but for myself. And I mix-and-match fabrics randomly." – Smriti Lamech

Patchworked sari with white cotton and indigo fabrics

Educationist. Writer. Homemaker.

She “uses” ALL her saris, which is uncommon. Why? Because she wears saris while working, sleeping, running errands or even cycling almost every single day. Except during her #30daysweareverythingbutasareechallenge on Instagram in 2018 that saw her donning long-forgotten Western and Indo-western clothing. She “makes” her own drapes, too. “A few of my saris are intensely patchworked or randomly stitched together. My mum ran a boutique for years. I probably get my love for fabrics from her.” Her knowledge and adoration for the weaves is evident in her surroundings. “My corridor (leading to the bedrooms) had framed and draped saris as wall decoration. I chose sari weaves or colours as themes and changed them frequently. But my mutts (pet dogs) started chewing the ends, so I had to take them down,” she says with a sigh. Her cupboards and wall deco also have framed textiles. “In my house I am famous for hogging storage and not leaving any space empty. That reminds me, my old metal trunk (of Lt. Ishaan) has this bunch of nostalgic saris I haven’t worn in a while. I have to wear them soon!” she quips. Ask her for an exact number (of saris she owns) and the answer is a goofy guffaw.

Origami detailing as tassels

Worn with a backless Khun blouse
"The origami fellows stand out on my Khun (cotton fabric from Maharashtra) backless blouse, don’t they? And ooooh, I can drape this (sari) with boots in winter." – Smriti Lamech
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