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REDUCE your SARIS mindfully 

What’s Revastra?

Re = English prefix meaning ‘again’ or ‘for a second time’.
Vastra = Sanskrit word meaning ‘cloth, drape or garment’.

Indian Slow & Spiritual Fashion Research Lab. Preserves Indian Clothing Nostalgia.
Builds Circular Fashion Narratives. For Fearlessly-Creative Individuals.
 Mindfully researches your traditional Indian unstitched clothing and creates Reduce, Reuse and Recycle stories, skills and styles to help you preserve their nostalgic and design value

Our Services

ReStories: Researched Content

- Thorough Journalistic Articles

- In-depth Blog Stories 

- Informative Newsletters

- Printable / Downloadable Books

Pay Per Project
ReSkills: Hands-on Learning

- One-on-one Do-It-Yourself

- Customised Group Learning

- Design College Module Delivery

- Skill Development / Training

Pay Per Hour
ReStyles: Artistic Repurposing

- Mindfulness While Recycling

- Zerowaste Cutting Method

- Handcrafted Minimal Decoration

- Reuseable Packaging & Artwork

Pay Per Design

Why Us?

Source Verve Magazine, India and Channel News Asia, Singapore

Because Revastra believes in empowering you with transformative redesign processes that help you deal with your Indian unstitched garments' excess

Looking to READ a story, LEARN a skill or REQUEST a style on repurposing your weave? 

Fashion: Highly 
polluting industry

800 Billion new
pieces / day

Sari business
$12-15 billion

90% Indians
buy 1 sari / year

250-400 billion
saris / year

Sari stock
over 3 billion

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Let’s ReClan

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