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Checked Chanderi Silk

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Checked Chanderi Silk. 12-year-old.

Rituvu: Gurgaon’s Vasant (Spring).

"I do not wear saris at all! And I only have two (that are gifts, I think), which I'd rather upcycle than stock. Because to restore, recreate and revive an heirloom like a sari, into something versatile to suit individual taste, is lovely." – Hoihnu Hauzel

Wrap skirt with zigzag running stitches
Wrap skirt with zigzag running stitches

Food Writer-Editor. Entrepreneur. Mother.

She eats, sleeps, walks and talks the Northeast. From the region’s travel and food to fashion, all entice her and she wants to promote them to the hilt in the “mainland”. Her travel company Northeast Odyssey, founded in 2010, is a case in point. Besides this, her heart throbs for plants, vegetables (yes, she “cannot resist cooking them when she sees a fresh lot”), pearls (“oh! White ones, please!”), and dresses. “I enjoy the comfort of a dress. That is why I cannot wear a sari. I find it cumbersome. But the garment that comes closest to a sari for me is my traditional attire—the two-piece Manipuri Phanek (Puan / Mekhla-Chador). I love the way the lower works as an easy drape without a closure. It is knotted at the waist like a wrap skirt and the other piece is wrapped around the shoulders like a stole. It can be paired with any top depending on the mood and occasion.”

Patchworked stole with applique flowers
Patchworked stole with scrap fabric applique flowers

Handstitched kaftan with scrap tassels

"I love how this sari has been repurposed into a mekhla-like garment with a stole. I like the simple kaftan, too. I can wear all these pieces easily to work or an outing." – Hoihnu Hauzel
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