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SICO Beige-Pink

Updated: Jan 27, 2020


Rituvu: Gurgaon’s Grishma Ritu (summer).

"I like upcycling saris. But I don’t like cutting them unless they are faded or torn. My friend and I started this brand ‘Anagah-Rangah’ which is about contemporary, daily-wear clothing. It channelises our love for Indian fabrics. I wear my own designs, especially dresses and shorts. So, wearing these upcycled pieces should be fun." -- Radhika Nair

Double layered wrap skirt with origami trims
Double layered wrap skirt with origami trims

Designer. Artist. Eco-Warrior.

A friendly boxer welcomes you ‘wagging’ his barely-there tail as you walk into a door with a quirky handwritten sign. Spurts of colour and texture jump out at you from all sides in form of bright paintings or multi-coloured framed textiles. This is her living space. Comfort juxtaposed with fun is the first thing that comes to mind. And the same feeling extends into her clothing style, too. She wears a pair of Khun cotton shorts with a sleeveless top from her own brand. Then she settles in with her coffee and starts raving about her first love—fashion and anti-fashion. “I do not like jeans and Indian clothes like salwaars, and I hate lehengas (can we have another word for ‘hate’, please?) Probably it is because I don’t like anything flapping around my legs! I like an airy feel. But I drop this feeling when I have to wear a sari because I love its elegance and drape.” She owns over 60 saris and styles them differently every time. Experimenting with her hair, and struggling with composting are her other interests. “I cut or colour it (my hair) on a whim. I used to love wearing flowers when I had longer hair. I miss that with my short haircut.”

Layered, geometric kaftan with V-panel
Layered, geometric kaftan with V-panel

Irregular handstitched detail
Irregular handstitched detail

"I am enjoying the feel of the geometric kaftan with a sari. I draped the pallu long around my neck. The skirt is comfy to lounge in when teamed with a vest." -- Radhika Nair
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