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Benarasi Turquoise Silk

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Benarasi Turquoise Silk. 30-year-old

Gurgaon’s Sharad (autumn) and Hemant (pre-winter)

"I cannot give my saris away for chopping. But, but… MAYBE you CAN repurpose my blue silk Benarasi sari. It is my mother’s and is weak. I love its colour and drape. If I give it to a tailor, he will disinterestedly machine stitch it and that troubles me." – Smriti Lamech-Kalambi

Benarasi wine-turquoise patchworked sari

Origami decoration out of fall waste fabric

Artwork with the ReStory
"I love the fact that this is 100 per cent handstitched and I can use the pallu as a neck wrap. Well, there were some glitches while stitching it because of the aged fabric, but Revastra redid it for me." – Smriti Lamech-Kalambi
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