We research slow and spiritual fashion / design principles within the Indian context to build sari and other design / clothing narratives for you, your brand, label or company. The journalistic stories (features, profiles and  blog posts) are customised according to your need and format. 


We consult you (face-to-face or video) on preserving your sari nostalgia to create repurposed garments out of your loved sari fabric. The shapes are geometric, spiritual and functional with applique, patchwork, threadwork, Origami and / or other handcrafted details / decorations. 


We develop academic modules for personal learning in the areas of Indian slow fashion (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), sari upcycling based on design to minimise waste, Vedic clothing, Zen aesthetic and Zerowaste concept. These are customised individual or group sessions. 


Please email or DM @re_vastra to know more about any of the listed services. We believe that your and our fashion and design intelligence -- collectively and consciously -- can make sustianable ideas and concepts in Indian slow fashion reach higher planes. 

Mood & ReStyles II photography by Amrita Haldipur
Made with love by Daalcheeni