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What lies beyond: Kota (Rajasthan)

Not just turbans, camels and sand, Rajasthan has little-known thrilling nooks too, says P.S.Bhavana

“We might meet a leopard or a spotted deer.

“Bones or carcasses on the path are a common sight.

“What if we lose our way?”

“Carry some rope and a torch.”

Words exchanged the night before our bike-cum-trekking trip to a rocky location near Kota along the Eastern banks of Chambal, a river that has water all year round. It was a strange mix of claustrophobia and excitement as we zoomed along broken stonewalls. Okay, riding a good ol’Vespa (with three bikes as companions) was freaky but nevertheless we braved it. The early morning chill bit into us and the ‘What lies beyond?’ thought gripped me.

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