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1. What is ReConsultation, ReStyles and ReStory?  

These are our services. ReConsultation is a one-on-one (face-to-face or video) discussion with you to help you Reduce, Reuse and Recycle you sari(s) based on our fashion industry know-how. ReStyles are the repurposed garments that come out a single sari based on our Indian slow fashion, 'design to minimse waste' research. ReStory is personalised visual narrative (digital or printed version according to your choice) of you and your sari(s) based on our fashion journalism experience. Please email connect@revastra or DM @re_vastra to know more. 

2. I'd like to rework my sari(s) with you. Which sari(s) can / should / could I choose? 

We suggest you Book a ReConsultation to start off. Then we can together choose the cotton, silk, or silk-cotton (SICO) sari(s) that you love, like, do not wear or is / are partially damaged. NOTE: Please show us defects like tears, stains, marks, fold lines, weak spots and the like. It will help us minimise sari waste the best way possible. And please accept  a ‘NO’ if we feel we cannot do justice to your sari(s). 

3. How much will I spend on each sari? What is the the process? 

Depending on your sari(s) condition, you will spend INR 8,000 and onwards (excluding ReConsultation cost) on one sari conversion (a set of ReStyles). Because the repurosed designs are researched, personalised, exclusive, versatile, and partially (or fully) handcrafted. They come in an artistic package, too. Please email connect@revastra or DM @re_vastra to know more. 

​4. How do I give / send the sari(s)?

You can give the sari(s) to us on the day of the ReConsultation or courier it within three days of our talk. NOTE: We request you to bear this initial shipping cost.

5. Can you make complex, structured or fitted garments out of my sari(s) besides simple, geometric and easy styles?

Well, we can, but we do not. Because we redesign to maximise the sari(s) fabric, which means saving the weave(s) and nostalgia by first reimagining the sari as geometric chunks. 

6. How long will it take to work on my sari(s)?

Once you confirm, we request you to give us a 14-day window to build each set of ReStyles. NOTE: It is a slow and a spiritual process of sorts as we handcraft as much as possible. So, please excuse any irregularities in design and making, too. Also please be patient as the women working on your sari(s) need some time and TLC . 


7. What if I need some changes in my ReStyles (repurposed garments)?

Well, we cannot totally redo your ReStyles. But for minor alterations, please email within a week of delivery of garments. 


8. Any return policy?

No, we do not have a return policy. Reason: We cannot ‘return’ your emotion(s) or your original sari(s), can we? However, if you are not happy with our work, please email and we will take it on from there. 

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