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'SAFED' Cocoa&Jasmine x REVASTRA

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Just the phrase 'travelling textile art installation' (New Delhi, London, New York and other cities) was enough to inspire and create an upcycled white sari (out of a leftover cambric cotton fabric and an old bedsheet) adorned with with Odisha's Pipli applique craft. The piece was created exclusively for SAFED, curation and exhibtion, by Sayali Goyal's design, art and culture publication and digital agency Cocoa & Jasmine. Infused with origami-inspired and traditional Pipli craftwork's fabric Surya and Chandramukhi radial patches, box pleating, irregular pleating (sari fall fabric), and random stitches, Revastra's textile narration symbolised the over 5000-year-old Indian Vedic culture that made celestial bodies like the Sun and the Moon integral to their human existence.

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