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Raw Silk Green

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Raw Silk Green. Seven-year-old.

Rituvu: Kolkata’s Hemanta (pre-winter) or Vasanta (Spring)

"This piece was a left behind from an ethnic wear set. I love its texture, weave and colour. I did not want a tailor cutting it mercilessly, so I have been sitting on it for a while." – Debarati Roy

Teacher. Trainer. Entrepreneur.

They say looks can be deceiving. And a living example is this lady with tattoos and angular features. She comes across as a rough-and-tough taskmaster. But delve and you will unearth her fiercely-guarded, soft heart. Over a cup of dark, really dark coffee, she soulfully (and rather unexpectedly) converses about Hindu Gods, occult practices and alternative fashion. No wonder then that her clothing style is ever-evolving. “Like an amoeba… which is so like me,” she says. On a work day you will see her pirouetting in a cotton top teamed with a sari and by the evening slipping into her distressed denims and plaid shirt, with boots. “I like taking risks,” she says about her style and life. The Kolkata-based language training academy that she started on a shoestring budget says all. It pushes her to travel over 25 days in a month, sometimes at the drop of a hat. “I do this (travel) with my saris, pants, shirts, tees and chunky jewellery that I NEVER forget stuffed wildly into an always-ready-to-go weekender,” she says joyously.

Patchworked raw silk and khadi sari
Patchworked raw silk and khadi sari

Handcrafted Origami decoration
Handcrafted Origami decoration

Samoolam crochet trims and leftover tape
Samoolam crochet trims and leftover tape
"Thank you so much for this. I love the handmade detail. And like the sari bag it came in." – Debarati Roy
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