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Who we are

An Indian Slow & Spiritual Fashion Research Lab with a storyteller, trainer and crafter Avatar. It is created by BhavanaFashion Editor (formerly with Femina) and writer with a love for everything handmade, old-world Indian, 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle #rephilosophy) and Andhra + Odisha + West Bengal (Bhavana's mixed nativity). The lab, with an urban nomad heart, draws its social entrepreneurial strength from years of fashion journalism, academics and design experience. 

What we do

Observe, study and document circular and slow fashion from the perspective of ancient Indian unstiched clothing, and Indian craft, art and design to create informative, quick-read, self-help Fashion Content (ReStories) and strategies. Develop planned and customised Academic Modules (ReSkills) to enhance hands-on learning that can be therapeutic. Apply the research to make exclusive Repurposed Products (ReStyles) inspired by Indian Vedic era fashion and Japanese Zen textile art techniques. 


Why we do it

Because we need to know the glorious past of our Indian unstiched clothing (ritualistic, hand-me-downs, bought with care, or on-a-whim) and its relation to our age-old 3Rs living. Because we, as fiercely-creative, well-exposed and nativity-centric individuals and groups, have clothing excess (think saris, dhotis, wraps and the likes) that is way too precious, design-heavy, unused or underused. All of this needs retelling and reorganising in a gentle, mindful, and self-help way. 

What we believe in

We believe that understanding and retaining the geometricity and linearity of each woven garment is important. That is why Revastra avoids discussing or ruthlessly cutting the fabric. We let the textile, colour, weave, print, decoration and nostalgia guide the process and product research. E.g. Viewing the sari from a top saves sections and helps us rethink design. So does knowing ancient Indian philosophies like Yoga, Ayurveda, Luni-Solar Calendar System (Indian seasons; Rituvu) and the like.



By taking on researched stories that you / your firm / your brand can use to revive and know nostalgic garment(s). By conducting customised worksops to enhance your or your firm's skills. And by making artistic styles that have maximal usage of the fabric (Vedic techniques: folding, pleating, draping, tucking and knotting); minimal cutting of the weave (Zerowaste shapes: rectangles, squares, circles or triangles); and optimal decoration with leftovers (Zen design: handcrafted fabric Origami).

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